THIS DECEMBER, River & Rail Theatre Company brings back the whimsical, folk musical, The Unusual Tale of Mary & Joseph’s Baby.

Written by Tennessee-based award winning recording artist Don Chaffer and NYC-based playwright Chris Cragin-Day.

The Unusual Tale of Mary & Joseph’s Baby dares to take the classic story at its word. There really is a pregnant virgin. There are shepherds, angels, foreign dignitaries (a.k.a. wise men), a ratty extra room/stable at an inn, and a maniacal, bloodthirsty dictator whose menacing shadow hangs over everything.

And obviously, it’s a comedy. Seriously it is.

With four racially diverse actors, a minimal set, and an emphasis on simple storytelling, The Unusual Tale of Mary & Joseph’s Baby surprises virgin-believing and non-virgin-believing audiences alike, engaging this oft-told story with a sincerity and humanity that bursts with imagination and wonder.

The Unusual Tale of Mary & Joseph’s Baby recently finished its run at the New York City International Fringe Festival under the direction of River & Rail Co-Founder Amelia Peterson.