River & Rail Theatre Company

Producing relevant stories for diverse audiences.

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Through the power and beauty of theatre, we seek to unite people from all backgrounds to experience and participate in stories that embody our shared humanity.


River & Rail will:

  • Produce stories that are relevant to our city – stories that entertain while increasing our capacity for compassion, healing, and hope.
  • Bring together new and diverse audiences by donating tickets through local non-profit organizations. 
  • Promote diversity at every level, recognizing that our art can only be as diverse as our leadership, advisors and artists. 
  • Employ professional actors, directors, and designers, giving priority to local professionals whenever possible.
  • Educate youth and adults through workshops designed to facilitate the creative expression of the human condition.
  • Develop new plays and playwrights in our city.
  • Maintain a consistent presence in our city by producing a full season of plays, building towards as many as 6-8 productions a season.

Theatre for the Whole City

As Knoxville continues to transform into a major player among American cities, we must realize, more than ever, the value of our diversity.

Theatre gives us the opportunity to laugh, grieve, and celebrate life with someone whose story we may have never considered. If only for a small time, we sit elbow to elbow with complete strangers and forget why we ever feared one another. In order to curate these experiences, we need to explore what keeps people away from the theatre and remove those obstacles as best we can.

That’s why, for each ticket purchased, River & Rail will donate a ticket to our community through a local non-profit organization.

River & Rail Theatre Company is an IRS Approved 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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